Tech at Night: Russia is still on the move. Where is Snowden?

Tech at Night

Edward Snowden’s Russian asylum is set to expire, but he’s going to try to stay there rather than come back to America, despite his stated willingness to serve his time.


Edward Snowden could show the courage that the women have shown, who quit their jobs with RT to expose Vladimir Putin’s lies for what they are. He has chosen not to. Why is that?

I already pointed out earlier in the week that Snowden seems set to curry favor with Russia by being hostile to America and our values. Well, Russian Internet censorship is rising, Russian laws against Bitcoin are coming, and Russia is looking to spy on users of major software.

So Russia is doing everything against the values Snowden claims to hold dear, yet he chooses to stay there instead, and in fact is actively seeking to remain. That puts all his claims in a new light. He’s just not trustworthy.

Apple is doing what Netflix is trying not to do: invest int he future of the Internet.

Here’s how you reform tech: not a big bill, but a small one, like this phone unlocking bill the President signed.

European censorship of the Internet continues.

They call Ron Wyden the sensible tech-friendly moderate Democrat, but he won’t even back the House bill to make permanent the ban on Internet access taxes, instead calling for a temporary renewal. Democrats are just too tax happy and anti-technology.


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