Tech at Night: Your periodic reminder that the FCC is out of control

Tech at Night

It’s been a while since I just said it: The Obama FCC is recklessly grabbing power, out of any statutory or Constitutional controls. It does what it wants, when it wants, with the goal of taking as much power as it can, in order to establish greater state control of the digital economy.


Under FCC, we’re not under the rule of law, we’re under the rule of man.

Specifically, we’re under the rule of one man: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. If he personally decides he doesn’t like something, he gins up the authority to do something about it. If he doesn’t like metering bandwidth, he decides to go after a private company. If he doesn’t like tough negotiations over a baseball cable station, he starts getting active. If he doesn’t like what policy states set on socialized Internet at the local level, he gets involved.

The FCC will take power how it wants, when it wants, and I wouldn’t oppose legislation to limit it. That doesn’t mean we need “comprehensive Communications Act Reform,” but I think we need targeted bills to fix this. It’ll probably have to wait until at least 2015, though.

Freeloader culture knows no shame.

Called it: Remember when I claimed Democrats wouldn’t stop Tom Wheeler’s Net Neutrality plan, despite their hysterical shrieking over “fast lanes?” Whelp, Harry Reid is all in for it.


Data sharing is a key to cybersecurity, not regulation.

I disagree that the Constitution is a ‘loophole’, but I still think passing a way to let states work together on sales taxation, through the Streamlined Sales Tax compact (rather than the overreach that was in the Senate recently), is a good idea.

Iran joins Russia in fighting Tor.

How many hoaxes are added to Wikipedia every day and aren’t detected?

Wow, unlike the rest of the Obama administration, USPTO is obeying the courts.

I think people often forget that C-SPAN is not a government entity, but rather is paid for by cable companies. Maybe we should replace C-SPAN with something open to the public, if the cable companies that run C-SPAN are going to close it off.


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