Common Core: Bad Math meets Radical Politics

Common Core

How bad are the Common Core State Standards horror stories getting? A friend of mine in Scotland sent me this video, saying that he was speechless, and that this is so bad, they don’t even have this in socialist Europe.


Welcome to the Common Core, where children are taught the principles of social justice and socialist agitation.

The video is shocking. This is extreme material, and it’s getting almost no play outside of grassroots opposition coming from parents faced with Common Core homework:

Here we see actual Common Core materials being put out and used by (primarily unionized) government teachers across the country, in states that have swallowed the Common Core agenda.

First grade kids are being taught in their English classes that they need to appeal to emotions when making persuasive writing, to make people want something even if there’s no facts or logic for it.

One example in particular tries to pit kids against their parents, teaching them to try to manipulate their parents to get what they want.

Here’s a great sample sentence: “My mom always [blank] me to clean my room.” The kids are given a choice to fill in the blank: tells or nags. Nags is, of course, given as the correct answer.

Elsewhere, children are graded on their ability to pretend to be in a subject group when advocating for an agenda. A student is also asked to be monitored on whether he “recognizes social problems.” It’s easy to see where children who do not accept social justice theory will be criticized in class for getting it wrong.


I think any elected official who goes along with this must be scrutinized closely. Democrats of course won’t see the problems here, but there are some Republican governors who have attempted to rename Common Core in order to deflect criticism, instead of rejecting this agenda.

Not everyone can home school their kids, so as much as it’s easy to call for that when problems with government schools come out, this is a serious concern and we need to be aware of what our government is doing there.


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