Tech at Night: Bitcoin to get taxed like gold. A mild satellite bill passes subcommittee. Jimmy Wales adds his POV to Wikipedia.

Tech at Night

Gotta love how Rand Paul grandstands, accomplishes nothing, but then claims credit for everything.

How you can tell when it’s time for the Congress just to sit down and do nothing. When Democrats and Republicans are making uncharacteristic arguments. Isn’t it strange that Rick Perry, who famously put out a book in praise of federalism, is against federalism on gambling? I’m just going to assume there’s some fluky thing at work here and ignore this aberration from him.


This renewal of STELA is really pathetically weak. There are so many avenues for improvement – retransmission consent reform, preventing FCC from banning innovation from CableCARD (a failed standard) – and Republicans really are going too far letting Democrats go on fishing expeditions to grow government. Anna Eshoo really is hammering for big government, and this is why bipartisan is bad.

Certain parts of industry love Eshoo though, because like every other big-government socialist, she’ll gladly pick winners and losers in the marketplace.

Funny how big-government Democrats are positively obsessed with Target, months after the attack, but seem neither particularly interested in the perpetrators, nor in the attack on the California DMV that just happened. Yeah, funny that.

The evidence mounts that Edward Snowden aided Russia at the expense of America and as it turns out, of Ukraine as well. Can Snowden sleep at night, knowing about all the Ukrainians in Crimea who are being beaten or risk having to flee their homes from the Russian occupation forces?

History’s Greatest Monster sees the evidence is in, which is why he’d consider pardoning Snowden. If only Snowden had aided Hamas or Fatah, then it’d be a lock.

A lot of businessmen see great potential in Bitcoin, but it’s not going to work how they hope. The lack of rule of law in the Bitcoin economy is a fatal flaw. And when people realize that (imagine if credit and debit cards had no chargebacks, ever, even after proven fraud), they’ll trust it even less than they do.


Bitcoin has already lost about half its value from that much-hyped peak last year. And the best part is, the true believers are going to have to pay taxes on it as property, just like gold! Bitcoin mining will be taxable as income, too! Oh boy that paperwork is going to be “fun” for the large mining syndicates.

It’s a sad state when an innovator like Aereo has to be asked if they have a backup plan for the government picking them as a loser in the marketplace.

It’s funny how the leftys keep having to hammer hard this idea that corporations are eeevil and government is completely benign and perfect, but government-run internet is going to be as bad as government-run anything: terrible.

Jimmy Wales adds his own point of view to Wikipedia, a site that claims to have a neutral point of view. Heh.


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