Tech at Night: Snowden-backed Russia goes on the Cyberwar offense. Lamar Alexander, the worst Senator, joins with DiFi

Tech at Night

Sometimes the cronys win, sometimes the cronys lose. They’re reportedly winning on STELA, the bill that scared entrenched, well-connected TV broadcasters because it as going to make them compete for cable dollars in a way that they never have had to in 70s-era winners-and-losers regulations. It’s still likely a good bill, but just not the pro-market bill it could have been.


The good news is the cronys are reportedly losing in Colorado, as entrenched taxi services are feeling the threat from new, innovative competitors. Let the customers decide, not government.

How bad can crony regulation get? Canada is even subsidizing its domestic pornographers.

Bitcoin and crime are a great pair, but they’re not perfect. Even as early adopters are getting scared away due to the instability and crime, the pseudonymity of the service has limits. The news is so bad for Bitcoin fans that they’re freaking out over Newsweek tracking down Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. They’d assumed it was a pseudonym, but it turns out it’s not!

First Bitcoin, then Litecoin, then Dogecoin, now Einsteinium

We really must toss Lamar Alexander from office. He’s now working with San Francisco Democrat Dianne Feinstein on growing new regulations, that would have prevented the passengers on 9/11 from making calls to find out and relay crucial information, because the phone calls in flight would have been illegal.


There are two possibilities about Google now claiming they’re secure against government spying: either they’re claiming they thought they were before, weren’t, but now think they sure are now. Or they somehow never considered that world governments might try to spy, but only now secured themselves. Either explanation is problematic in its own way.

Great news: FAA’s drone ban was illegal.

Ed Snowden goes to Russia, weakens NSA, and now Russia is on the Cyberwar offense. Funny, that. Defanging NSA is just the kind of unilateral disarmament Republicans used to oppose.


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