Tech at Night: Edward Snowden making stuff up to help Glenn Greenwald? FCC Reform comes to the Senate.

Tech at Night

How about some FCC? Some bad Net Neutrality laws are being proposed, attempting to save the terrible idea. Meanwhile Dean Heller is trying some targeted FCC process reform in the Senate. That’s great.


So, Retransmission Consent. You know what happens when you rig the system to limit competition, as the Congress and the FCC did in the early days of Cable? Broadcasters raking in the bucks. Never would I say that copyright should be attacked, but that price to license these broadcasts should be dictated by the open market. Let broadcasters compete.

Sadly it’s 3am and I’m going to have to just tear through the rest of these links.

Ross Ulbricht gets indicted for his activities as Silk Road founder. Narcotics Trafficking Conspiracy, Continuing Criminal Enterprise, Computer Hacking Conspiracy, and Money Laundering Conspiracy. So yes, He’s being held responsible for choosing to create and manage a marketplace for illegal things, including computer hacking tools and drugs. He’s pleading not guilty but he’s claiming the Bitcoins seized are his. Heh.

Comcast is doing some hardcore Wifi innovation to create wireless Internet competition. The one trick to this I think, is that such schemes are incompatible with data caps.

The Government is bad at cybersecurity, we keep finding. That’s why we need to fix government before we dare pass any private sector regulations.


Barack Obama has dawdled for months in appointing a USPTO head. I’m not especially concerned, at least until we put the patent office on a fixed budget, disconnected from fees collected.

Apparently we’re supposed to be outraged that the UK is coming after the criminal racket Anonymous. But consider this: remember when Edward Snowden was pretending to be “blowing the whistle” on invasions of privacy of Americans by NSA? What do UK efforts against online gangs have to do with that? Anyone taking Edward Snowden at his word… I just don’t get. There’s a lot of willful blindness going on to the obvious lies coming from this traitor. Nothing he says is actionable, because we don’t know if any of it is true (including this Anonymous/UK thing). In fact, notice how this UK thing is coming out as things heat up around the Glenns Greenwald? Hmm.

Don’t call back unfamiliar numbers, folks.


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