Tech at Night: Anonymous recruits elementary school student to commit crime. NSA Roundup.

Tech at Night

How busy and important is FCC? They have time to worry about fluorescent lights in every small business in America, it seems.

More proof kids don’t belong on the Internet: the anarchoterrorists of Anonymous are now recruiting 12 year old elementary school students to commit crimes for them. Please take note, everyone. The Internet is a dangerous place that is not safe for kids.


That said, beware ideas for government-directed national cybersecurity plans or regulations, such as those proposed often by Democrats. They can’t even secure the Obamacare website, let alone tell you how to secure yours. Share information only. Pass CISPA, not new mandates.

We’ve said it before in this space, and we’ll say it again: American Internet is the best and cheapest in the world, once you account for population density. If all of America were as dense as, say, Seoul, we’d be better off than they. But when you choose to live in a smaller area, you choose to lose some of the conveniences of an urban area in exchange for avoiding the many, many disadvantages of soul-sucking urbanity.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bitcoin. If you can watch that long, make sure to catch the part late where this guy pretending to be a libertarian starts ranting about ‘greedy bankers.’

And finally, our NSA roundup. Firstly, I have a message to foreigners who dislike the NSA. It’s a short and sweet message. Come and take it. Note that those foreigners are using anti-NSA rhetoric as a pretext for Internet regulation. The accusations simply aren’t made in good faith, points out Mike Rogers.


I’ll say this for Republican NSA critics though. At least they’re proposing concrete, reasonable reforms. Contrast the position of Justin Amash and Jim Sensenbrenner with that of Dianne Feinstein, who’s all talk. She says she want’s a review. How many flipping years has she allegedly been doing oversight, that she now needs a review?



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