Tech at Night: Net Neutrality oral arguments were today. NSA smashes Tor.

Tech at Night

Net Neutrality! Verizon has taken the FCC to court over the FCC’s illegal Open Internet order of course. Oral arguments were today at the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. The court should reject the rule of course, as the court already rejected Net Neutrality previously in the Comcast case. The ALA, like a lot of reflexive leftist organizations, is wrong.


Uber, which is getting politically active presumably for its own survival against crony Democrat regulators in big cities, may have some friends in the FTC.

The Bitcoin scam marches on, as kids may get encouraged to gamble way their parents’ money as a Bitcoin “teaching tool.”

I tend to think favorably of FISA, but Google’s narrowly tailored requests for transparency are reasonable and should be granted, to give voters and policy makers key information on the law, without giving the bad guys actionable data.

I continue to rejoice that NSA is breaking Tor just like I long hoped they would. Tor, aka The Onion Router, is a service that attempts to anonymize Internet use, and is a haven for criminals through Tor “hidden services.”

However if NSA has actually broken public key encryption as we know it, game on, game on.


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