Tech at Night: Snowden's ongoing treason. Another high profile domain loss at WIPO.

Tech at Night

Ed Snowden continues to harm America with his treason, embarrassing Barack Obama by getting Europe mad at him. Snowden is also harming cybersecurity efforts which are important since we’re not ready for serious attacks.


Meanwhile Snowden’s co-conspirator after the fact Julian Assange’s Wikileaks is suing Visa in Iceland. I say Visa should make him testify.

No, no, no. It’s just asking for trouble to put kids online at school. Pornography, bullying, predators, copyright infringement, and what else is going to go wrong?

Here’s what’s even dumber about the idea. One part of the Obama administration ants to get kids online even as the FTC thinks kids need protected from the Internet because of the privacy cult.

What doesn’t Joe Barton get about Google Glass? It’s weird hardware. But Google won’t be able to control what people run on it. He says he’s disappointed. That’s fine. I’m disappointed with how he’s been acting in DC. I’m glad he’s not Energy and Commerce chairman. The cult of privacy is a pain.

Could New Mexico’s proposed anti-bullying law be used by politicians to stifle opposition? Maybe.

Here’s another WIPO shocker. First Ron Paul couldn’t snag Now Nintendo can’t get Amazing to me, honestly. Traditionally WIPO has been pretty well stacked against the little guy trying to ride a big name.


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