Tech at Night: I don't see how MFA passes the House with this rhetoric. Cybersecurity waffling by Team Obama.

Tech at Night

Even as I’ve said the bill is a good idea, Senate conservatives overwhelmingly voted against the Internet Sales Tax. The whole Tea Party era gang is there in the NAY column. It’s easy to see why too: guys like Mike Enzi are coming out and saying their purpose for the bill is to pick winners and losers in the marketplace. I can’t see this passing the House with the cloud of toxic rhetoric around it.


As Team Obama wavers between a bureaucrat and an actual expert for its DHS Cybersecurity head, insecure accounts are getting hammered by foreign attackers. Use good passwords. Never give the actual answers to ‘security questions.’ Keep software updated. And don’t approve random “Who unfollowed me/How much time am I wasting/Which President am I” Twitter apps!

We tried ‘patent reform’ the Democrat way with the America Invents Act. Now let’s do it right, and take care of patent trolling.

The Glenns Greenwald are worried, heh.

Aereo gets feisty in court. I hope that means they’re winning, as they go after CBS. It’s an innovative service.

Lefty attempts to push Net Neutrality through shareholder activism failed again. I guess that means groups like CalPERS don’t own enough shares, heh.


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