Tech at Night: A bad week for anarchists. Democrats selectively urgent about privacy.

Tech at Night

Crime Watch: Lulzsec bigshot gets taken down in Australia, and an Anonymous gang member is on trial for multiple rape at an Occupy event. Bad week for anarchists. Heh.


Democrats tuning their rhetoric for the moment: IMMEDIATE ACTION needed on Do Not Track, even as it’s taken YEARS to do anything on outdated ECPA email rules which now may include a warning requirement, and it wasn’t even Jay Rockefeller who got off his tail to get that done.

Let’s just hope that the FCC listens to Ajit Pai and reacts well to the IP revolution better than the Congress has dealt with email technology.

Further let’s hope the FCC manages to do some spectrum actions well, just putting spectrum on the market instead of rigging it to pick winners and losers.

Remember when I said the real motivation behind the Net Neutrality activists was that they didn’t want to pay for what they use? Well, now they’re against data caps, caps that generally only affect mass copyright infringers.

Any excuse to regulate: A bad tweet on the AP account is cause for market regulation apparently, because there was a tiny blip as idiots tried to trade on it and got hammered. Let’s be clear: the markets recovered immediately. The system worked.


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