Tech at Night: If people cared about privacy they already wouldn't be using Gmail.

Tech at Night

Been a while since we started with some Google. Taking fire from two directions right now: I’ve pointed out that we need to watch them to see if they end up as politically even handed as they now claim to be. Microsoft is also after them by attempting to discredit their privacy policies.


Here’s the problem though. Microsoft’s ad campaign assumes people actually care about privacy. They don’t. Their actions in the marketplace indicate otherwise. That’s the real reason people don’t care about long privacy policies. Which is also why the only net effect of a California simplified privacy policy rule, would be to drive job creators out of the state.

There may be good reasons to tweak the Telecommunications Act 1996, but I’m reluctant to open the whole thing up. If we open the whole thing up we risk repealing the key deregulations passed in the bill.

Scientists should have freedom of choice with their words I believe, unless and until we choose to place strings on government funding we give them. But we largely don’t, so until then, it’s not up to criminals/activists to decide when to override copyright.

You know, Robert McDowell is a good FCC commissioner, but I love how active and communicative Ajit Pai is online.


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