Tech at Night: WiFi relief for big conferences on the way. Tech lobbying arms race continues.

Tech at Night

For once I have some good news from FCC. The FCC is going to find some more spectrum to allocate for WiFi as unlicensed use. The idea is that everyone knows large events tend to have serious WiFi problems and this could help fix that.


Meanwhile, the tech lobbying arms race continues to grow. Facebook his growing its policy arm and Pandora is going to go all-out for the IRFA pro-Pandora regulation bill.

A federal court has ruled that USPS subsidizes Netflix and must stop giving the firm free hand-sorting of its deliveries, which allows Netflix to get reliable delivery of fragile items on the cheap. GameFly reasonably questioned why it has to pay, but Netflix doesn’t.

We’re never surprised when left-wing press outlets get policy wrong, but it’s still valuable to challenge them on it, getting the truth out.


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