Tech at Night: DiFi embraces rule by decree, Public Knowledge attacks federalism through the FCC

Tech at Night

Why Mitt Romney must win the election: Dianne Feinstein is urging Barack Obama to defy the Congress, which refused to pass the Lieberman-Collins Cybersecurity Act, and rule by decree on the matter.


And I know it’s a lot of inside baseball, some of the details of which I’m not entirely up on, but the FCC has been making hay before the election, and it’s not even pretending to make sense. Much as I’ve previously noted the left-wing advocacy groups do, the FCC uses whatever argument it must for the immediate issue at hand. Consistency across issues is not required.

It wouldn’t even surprise me if FCC went to war with the states over prison phone rates. Study the issue sometime, guys. Prisoners use phones to commit crime. It’s a serious matter and it costs money for the prisons to monitor this stuff. And lookie: George Soros-backed Public Knowledge is on the case, so you know this really is about expanding FCC’s power vs the states, with the prisoners merely a political prop. Federalism is at stake here, in all likelihood.

Kim Dotcom says he’ll block Americans from his new site. Betcha he won’t block American-made content from being hosted. I hope New Zealand anti-Americanism doesn’t let this guy get away with his crimes. Seriously. I know BGR is his biggest fan, even if they can’t spell ‘elusive’, but if we can roll up Lulzsec, we should be able to roll up all 2,000 pounds of Kim Dotcom.


And after we finish off them, I hope some NSA wizards are working on how to take down Bitcoin, the preferred currency of child pornographers and online drug dealers, along with their black marketplaces like Silk Road, as well as the TOR-hosted ones that host sex slavery rings. You know, selling the girls who are shipped to the US and western Europe to work in ‘massage parlors.’

Yeah, it’s time the FAA made its rules more sensible on what electronics are used in flight. Planes are hosting 802.11 networking. It’s time we stopped pretending it’ll hurt. In fact, if it did hurt merely to run a WiFi- or 3G-enabled gadget on a plane, we’d be seeing terrorists crashing them. Easily. Because everyone who’s flown knows it’d be trivial to put your phone in your pocket and just turn it on, and I think many of us have watched those people who ignore the instructions and just leave their things on anyway. And lived to tell the tale.

So a broadside on the FCC made the Republican platform. I hope the Romney team is listening.


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