Tech at Night: CISPA is fine, Lieberman-Collins is not. Let Verizon innovate. Make Netflix compete.

Tech at Night

Yup, CISPA is still the top story. It will improve our security, which matters in an age of Chinese and Anarchist Internet attacks. And unlike Lieberman-Collins, Which is the bill being pushed in the Senate, no government power grab is involved.


So the House is right to challenge the President’s push for Lieberman-Collins. Lungren’s PRECISE Act is another bill that would create no new regulations. That’s the kind of approach we need. Remove impediments to greater security. No micromanagement.

They scoffed at us, they laughed at us, they mocked us, they yelled at us when we said Net Neutrality was all about picking winners and losers in the marketplace. Well guess what? That’s exactly what’s going on with Netflix and Comcast. Netflix isn’t handling competition well, and so Netflix is trying to use Net Neutrality as a club against that competition.

And you know what? This is serious business. Industry notices when competitors or other industries get favored. It’s not over yet, the fight underlying Net Neutrality, SOPA, and other poorly conceived policies.

Tonight I’ve decided to make the move from Safari RSS Reading to NewsBlur, an open source feed reader that does everything I want, but is online so I can do my Tech at Night prep work at the office, on the bus, anywhere. Not just at home at the last minute.

This is good for Tech at Night in the long run, but it sucked up time tonight. So I’m exhausted and am going to go into quick hits mode from here tonight.

PATENT WARS: The Apple/Samsung patent war over Android and iOS gets mainstream attention. Also, Twitter makes the same non-aggression promise google has made, though it’s still unclear whether Google itself will drop all of Motorola Mobility’s aggressive moves against Apple after that acquisition.


Verizon is an innovative firm. Followers of my Twitter feed know I as a customer have had repeated difficulties, but I know others have been happy with them. Regardless though, people deserve a choice. Verizon deserves a chance to make complex spectrum transactions that would have the net result of letting Verizon sell simpler, cheaper hardware to customers that possibly uses less battery. It doesn’t necessarily make sense for everyone’s phone to cover every conceivable range of spectrum. “Defragging” its spectrum holdings benefits everyone involved. Regulators must stand aside. Let innovation succeed or fail on its own merits.

Data Transparency. This is one way the right is trying to move the former SOPA coalition, by reforming government instead of expanding it. I approve of this.

Looks like we shut down Megaupload just in time.

Anna Eshoo, California Democrat, wants to double-regulate free speech by tacking FCC regulations onto FEC regulations. Ah, the first amendment. I guess it doesn’t actually matter, since it’s over 100 years old and all.


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