Tech at Night: Obama and Holder drop a bomb on jobs and competition, California tax battle continues

Tech at Night

So much going on suddenly this week. Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s DoJ has decided to come after AT&T for its plans to merge with T-Mobile, possibly doing the bidding of donors while hindering jobs growth in America as well as nationwide 4G wireless Internet competition. Sprint’s not doing much to keep Verizon in check; we need AT&T to have the spectrum needed to do that.


So Holder wants to drive Gibson manufacturing out of the US, and to keep T-Mobile in German hands, and prevent AT&T from bringing jobs back to America. Do I have that right? It’s no wonder people rate the Internet and Telephone industries much higher than they rate the government.

This government can’t even come up with coherent cybersecurity strategies for itself and we want it regulating the entire Internet? I don’t think so.

Back in California, Amazon offered Democrats a compromise that included the possibility of thousands of jobs in this state. I am informed the Democrats have rejected the offer. I hope now Amazon realizes the only option is millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute. The unconstitutional Internet sales tax/Amazon Tax must not be paid.

And I love you, Wal-mart. I do. I shop at your stores, I buy your house brands. But your hypocrisy in your support for this unconstitutional tax plan undermines your side even further. Besides, you’re acting no better now than the loser businesses who try to zone you out of existence. People can only choose to save money and live better in a free market, not in one where government decides which businesses should succeed and fail, and punish the “wrong” firms that succeed. Remember that.


Wikileaks is under attack again. Stiff upper lip, all. Don’t break down in tears for how badly you feel about that.

A new challenger enters the patent wars! Openwave sues Apple and RIM.

Did Larry Page offer the government a large cash settlement, selling out the shareholders to keep himself out of trouble personally in the illegal drug ads affair? If I owned Google shares I’d want to know more.

I’d also want to know what’s going on with Google security, as now Google+ has been made into a DDoS tool for attacking websites.

However it’s not their fault that Iran ran a man in the middle attack on Gmail, sniffing messages. The fault there lies with the whole design of SSL, which uses Trusted Third Parties instead of creating a peer to peer web of trust. Trusted third parties are fine but they create a single point of failure. Iran exploited that.


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