Tech at Night: iPad, Public Media, Net Neutrality

Tech at Night

Tech at night will be brief tonight. It was my mother’s birthday last month, but I couldn’t buy her what I intended because I had several bills coming due at once. So, she got her iPad tonight. I’m taking suggestions for an iPad Sudoku game that’s as good as working on paper with a pencil. She’s adamant that nothing on the iPad will beat that, but if something’s good out there I want to show her.


But moving on to issues of national instead of familial importance, Seton Motley (yes, that’s two in a row I’m linking to him) has a story at Big Government that is headlined November 30th could be the day the government seizes control of the internet. Hyperbolic? Maybe a little, but make sure you read his piece to understand just how strong a power grab Title II Reclassification of the Internet would be, if the FCC were to try it.

Read and understand what I’ve been saying all along as well: Net Neutrality via Title II Reclassification would be a disaster and open us to content, price, and other regulation that would mean the end of the open Internet as we know it.

Read and understand that the FCC, in its continuing push for Net Neutrality as proposed by radical Marxists like Robert McChesney and his group Free Press, is defying the law, the courts, and a majority of the US House of Representatives, including a triple digit number of Democrats.

This is what we’re up against, and this is why we need legislation to prevent this as soon as we can get it.


And remember, these guys really are radicals. They oppose the private sector. They want state control. Mike Wendy at Media Freedom reminds us of that. Soros-funded and other activists are out there, plotting right now how to get America further from a free market of media, and toward a totalitarian market where everything flows through state control and approval. For the children. For the greater good. Whatever you want to call it, it stinks and we have to be ready to oppose it.


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