No progress for Jack Conway

Paul Conway

The last time Public Policy Polling hit the Kentucky Senate race, Republican Randal Paul had squandered a huge lead. Democrat Jack Conway had pulled within 7 in the Rasmussen poll back at the end of June, and he was even tied in the PPP poll of Registered Voters.


PPP (this time for Daily Kos) is polling Likely Voters now, and it’s not good news for Conway.

If we read this poll, Kentucky voters don’t like many people. Barack Obama is -23 in favorability, Mitch McConnell is -9, the retiring Jim Bunning is -17, and Jack Conway is even. The only guy in the black in this poll is Randal Paul at +5. So it’s not surprising to scroll down and see that he heads the head-to-head 49-42 (MoE 3.2).

Conway just hasn’t many any progress since that initial set of gains he made after Paul’s well-promoted comments on the critical legislative issues of the 1960s. And even at his peak, he hasn’t led a single poll from PPP, Rasmussen, or SurveyUSA this year.

And it’s not a joke to say that Randal Paul’s supporters have been urging him to keep his mouth closed about such issues going forward, so any new momentum Conway gets he will have to make himself. He’s beginning to run out of time to do it, too.

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