Nick Popaditch for Congress

Nick Popaditch

Nick Popaditch is running for Congress. Previous occupation? Gunnery Sergeant, USMC. That patch he wears? Not preparing for Talk like a Pirate day, but rather a wound at Fallujah. His district? California’s 51st.


Oh yes, that district. Inland California tends to be right-leaning, but Imperial County is one big exception. It’s a poor expanse of desert along the Mexican border stretching from Arizona to San Diego County. Since redistricting shifted the seat’s number from 50 to 51, Democrat Bob Filner won by 19, 26, 27, and 48 points. This is not friendly territory, so it’s good we have a tough, strong, disciplined candidate like Nick Popaditch running there.

You can’t get upsets unless you have a good challenger ready, and Nick Popaditch is showing us how that is done.

The Democrats have noticed, too. A local left-leaning paper made fun of that wound he suffered in the war:


So he’s already attracting attention. Plus, he’s running on all the right principles we can support: limited government, strong national defense, strong border security, lower taxes, and less regulation to promote job growth. Imperial County is poor, and unemployment is worse than even the rest of California. This could have an impact.

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