Tech at Night: Microsoft, Blogetry, Issa, Net Neutrality

Tech at Night

Uh oh, we’re getting close to midnight on the east coast, and Tech at Night for Monday still isn’t out! Time to hurry…

We start this week with the shutdown of I’ve been assured this is a very disturbing thing that should concern me greatly, but I’m not so sure. Look: when your free service has become a nest of sites conspiring to distribute copyrighted works, you should expect things like this.


Do your homework. Don’t be the failed state on the Internet. Don’t host your site on services that act that way, either.

Something else I expect to hear about some more is the newest Microsoft Windows glitch. It’ll kill the Internet! is the cry. Sure, we’ve heard it before. I remember when the Michelangelo virus was the one that was going to destroy us all. But it’s super serial this time, this “LNK exploit?” Bah. The Internet is more robust than that. We may have some slowness, but capable engineers will deal with it, because the Internet is mostly unregulated and ISPs have the ability to act quickly without Commissars from the White House or the FCC dictating to them how they must route packets.

Oh yes, and the opposition to that freedom, is apparently still racist, if the “group of minority and diversity organizations” (The Hill’s words) are to be believed about the FCC Deem and Pass Reclassification route to Net Neutrality. Pass the popcorn.


Lastly, Darrell “The Machine” Issa is still pushing for oversight of the White House, now calling for records to be kept of White House telecommuting, so that working from home can’t be used to get around data storage requirements applicable to anyone working physically in the White House. Good on Issa.


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