Wal-mart Moms: This year’s catch phrase?


Wal-Mart decided to do its own generic ballot poll, so it’s no surprise that the cutesy demographic group that’s coming out of it is ‘Wal-Mart Moms.”


But if they’re real, they’re real, right? So who are they?

I have to say that reading Daily Caller’s explanation of the group, they sound like this generation’s soccer moms mugged by the recession:

“They’re conflicted,” said Republican pollster Neil Newhouse, who co-authored the study. “They like Obama, and they want more activist government. But when it gets to specifics, they disagree.”

On one hand, 60 percent of those polled said that they believe “government should do more to solve problems and help meet the needs of the people.” But specific policy proposals that require a more heavy-handed government — take the recently passed health-care overhaul, for example — find favor from only 14 percent of the group. In fact, 42 percent said that the Affordable Care Act would make things worse for them and their families.


14% support for PPACA? That’s amazing. Women are the core demographic that Democrats win year in, year out, and if the President’s centerpiece bill is turning many women to Republicans, that in itself could explain a wave year for Republicans, even if the rest might look good for Barack Obama in 2012.

Caveat: The poll was apparently conducted over the Internet, so if it was heavily self-selected, then the poll might be meaningless. But I lack the details to say for sure. I don’t get the impression it’s as worthless as, say, Zogby Interactive, though.

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