FCC: Wholly owned subsidiary of Free Press

When I said that Free Press, the fringe neo-Marxist organization pushing Net Neutrality, has as an end goal the nationalization of the mass media in America, I suspect some people thought I was exaggerating the threat. But look at this Media Bistro report about senior FCC advisor Steve Waldman:


On Monday night the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) senior advisor to the chairman Steve Waldman tried out the agency’s “Reboot” message … One area that came up as a possibility is the expansion of public media: radio, TV, and otherwise. Could Waldman be hinting at a government subsidized, local market version of ProPublica to fill in the gap? He’s testing the message.

This is what a push for state run media looks like, folks. All coming from Free Press Executive Director Josh Silver, via TV News Check:

So let’s not be delusional and pretend that the commercial sector is providing the information and the quality educational and cultural fare that this democracy requires.

Soon you will have a “right” to state run media just as you have a “right” to Obamacare, if they get their way.


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