Maxine Waters Calls for Trump's Impeachment, Then Denies Ever Calling for Trump’s Impeachment (VIDEO)

Democratic representative Maxine Waters, who has called for Trump’s impeachment several times publicly, appeared on “MSNBC Live” on Tuesday to deny ever calling for Trump’s impeachment.


Here’s Waters tweet from Tuesday suggesting that Trump needs to be impeached.

Waters was asked about her impeachment tweets and what offenses Trump has committed that would warrant impeachment.

“Well, you know, our intelligence agencies have already confirmed that the Russians did hack into the DNC, and to many of us, who had to have our telephone numbers changed, etc. And so, the question becomes, was there collusion, did this campaign, this president, and his campaign and/or allies, collude with the Russians in doing the hacking and undermining our democracy? We know that Putin hated Hillary, that they worked, in some ways, to try and support Trump, to get elected. They got what they want. we know that Tillerson, for example, who’s never been in government before, who came from Exxon, negotiated a multibillion-dollar deal with Putin to drill in the Arctic. And so, we have enough information that leads us to, I think, a credible investigation to find out whether or not there was collusion and whether or not an oil deal is involved with all of this.”

Waters was then asked by host Craig Melvin if it would be smart to wait until more questions are answered before moving forward with any extreme measures.


Waters responded: “I have not called for impeachment.”

Luckily, Melvin didn’t let Waters get away with this blatant lie and asked her about the tweet she sent out that same day literally calling for Trump’s impeachment.

“I’m going to fight everyday until he’s impeached,” Melvin said as he read Waters tweet back to her.

“Yeah, but here’s what I said, here’s what I’ve said, I’ve said that we need to connect the information. We need to connect the dots. We need the facts in order to do the impeachment, and I’m going to work every day to try and help get those facts, and to reveal them, to the republic, to our public, until, of course, impeachment is taking place,” said Waters.

Waters sent out the tweet at 8am on Tuesday morning arguing she’s going to work to get Trump impeached, then denied ever calling for his impeachment later in the day.

Here’s the video. You make your own determination if she lied.



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