Trump Took Many Swings at Obama for Golfing, but Here's How Their Golf Trips Compare So Far

Donald Trump chastised Barack Obama for many years about how often he golfed when our nation faced many tough challenges.

Trump was correct to call out Obama for spending way too much time on a golf course when we desperately needed to get things done, but now the shoe is on the other foot.


When we take a look at some of Trump’s tweets over the years, he was very candid in how much he disliked Obama golfing.

Here are just a few tweets:

According to the Independent, Obama played 333 rounds of golf during his eight years in office.

While Obama made it clear he loved to take a break and hit the golf course, Trump has proven that he shares that same passion.

To date, Trump has gone golfing 16 times in his first 11 weeks in office. At this pace, president Trump is on track to out-golf Obama easily if he keeps it up.

Trump does not golf at courses near the White House, either. He travels to Mar-a-Lago in Florida to play at his own course, making the expenses and costs much more expensive.


For context, Obama’s travel bill totaled to $97 million during his eight-year presidency, which is about $12.1 million a year. Trump, on the other hand, reportedly spent $10 million in his first month as President, according to the Independent.

While Trump is heading towards giving Obama a run for his money on collecting the most rounds of golf, Woodrow Wilson remains the leader in that category.

Wilson reportedly played more than 1,000 rounds of golf between 1913 and 1921.


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