Freedom Caucus Fires Back at Trump: 'We're Keeping Our Promise' on Obamacare

The House Freedom Caucus has remained dedicated and principled when it comes to passing legislation that is truly Conservative.

President Trump has not liked that at all.


On Thursday, Trump sent out a series of tweets slamming the Caucus, suggesting they would be the enemy in 2018 when crucial senate elections take place.

Trump even tweeted at a few members of the Caucus to voice his frustrations.

Trump’s tantrum spawned from the Caucus’ refusal to support Ryancare, which was a terrible health care bill that left much of Obamacare intact.

In a series of tweets Friday, the House Freedom Caucus fired back at Trump, saying they were, “committed to keeping [their] promise” on Obamacare.

Rep. Raúl Labrador, one of the Freedom Caucus members personally called out by Trump, also responded to the president’s tweet:


Outside of exchanging barbs on Twitter, Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows sat down for an interview with the Washington Examiner on Thursday, where he suggested aides to Trump may be in his ear convincing him the Caucus is bad.

“He’s got a number of advisers around him that are used to the way that Washington, D.C., does business,” Meadows said. “They are giving him advice based on what they’ve known has worked or not worked over the last two decades here in Washington, D.C. So, do I blame the president [for the failure of the American Health Care Act]? No.”

Meadows added: “In general, I just say he’s not being well-served.”

Conservative firebrand Dana Loesch gave the best advice to Trump going forward:

“Millions of grassroots Americans, through the vehicle of this [the Tea Party] movement, saved the GOP’s ass in 2010 when our momentum gave the GOP their biggest victory in decades. The margin of victory we delivered was called ‘historic,’ by the press. Former President Obama was forced to describe it as a ‘shellacking.'”

She is 100 percent correct, and it would greatly behoove Trump to remember who elevated him to the White House.


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