Mother Jones' Corn Admits Dems Knew About McConnell Tape

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I previously wrote in PolicyMic that the McConnell bugging story could’ve been a coordinated “hit” by the institutional left. Both Mother Jones and CREW (Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington), who filed an ethics complaint against McConnell over this development, attended the same conference of progressive organizations last December that specifically targeted the Kentucky Senator for the 2014 elections. It was called the Democracy Initiative.


Last Tuesday, we had this absurd bugging story, the release of PPP’s polling on the race, and Senate Majority PAC launching their anti-McConnell microsite. It should also be noted the CREW’s co-founder, Norm Eisen, is Obama’s “ethics czar.”

Now, David Corn, who released a recording of a McConnell strategy meeting, has said that Kentucky Democrats knew about the recording, and begged him not to release it.

The next thing we should be wondering concerns which Democrats in Washington knew about the tape, and when did they know about it.  Is there anyone from DSCC that’s in the inner circle, if there is one at all?  Time will tell.



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