The current state of play for the Colorado Senate Republican primary.


Short version: there were two ways to get into the Colorado Senate primary. You could either get above a 30% threshold of votes in the just-concluded state assembly, or you could get on the ballot via voter petition. Turns out that the only person to make the 30% threshold was El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn, which was completely unexpected and threw any number of plans out of alignment. Since then there’s been a bunch of people trying to get on the ballot, getting thrown off the ballot, asking the courts to get back on the ballot, so let’s go through the list and spell out who is who.

  • Darryl Glenn. El Paso County Commissioner. This one’s easy: he won the state assembly vote, so Glenn is on the primary ballot and doesn’t have to directly worry about any of this. He also enjoys grassroots support. Unsurprising, since he got 70% of their votes at the assembly. No, that’s not a typo.
  • Jack Graham. Former CSU Athletic Director and former Democrat. Jack Graham was the first person to qualify under the voter petition rules, which apparently means that he ‘messed’ things up for everybody that followed him because you only get to sign one candidate’s petition per position and they’re checking that. Moral of the stories: deadlines should be met early, folks.
  • John Keyser. Former state representative. Keyser was apparently the choice of the Colorado Republican party leadership; he was originally not able to get on the ballot via petition for lack of valid signatures, but he appealed the decision to a judge and was let back on.
  • Robert Blaha. Businessman. Didn’t get enough valid signatures; has been given a stay of political execution until next week.
  • Ryan Frazier. Former Aurora councilman. Likewise didn’t get enough valid signatures; likewise has been given a stay of political execution.

Now, I’m not from Colorado, but I am a cynic when it comes to rather specific parts of the American political process, so here goes… Blaha and Frazier will probably have their petitions denied. Graham is not likely to get the nomination anyway. It’s going to be between Glenn and Keyser.  I’ll let people from Colorado opine on who should win; I’m just here to give you an idea of who the people on the field are. Because it is legitimately confusing right now.

The primary is on June 28th.

Moe Lane


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