Here's what happened with today's Trump University fraud trial decision.


Background: Donald Trump is currently a figure of interest in a forty million dollar lawsuit for fraud in New York over Trump University, which is alleged to have scammed numerous people looking to learn how to make money in real estate.   The video below from Our Principles PAC – it’s already being run in Indiana, by the way – should help you get up to speed:


Well, today was an interesting day on that front. I am not a lawyer, but: a New York judge cleared the decks for this case to go to trial. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wanted summary judgement (they always do, of course); he didn’t get it. Trump’s lawyers want a jury trial: they may or may not get it.  The trial will not be starting up in May, because Trump is trying to get the case squashed by the NY Court of Appeals: he probably won’t get that, but the court wants to see how that turns out first. Depending on who you ask, the trial will either start this fall, or next fall. Certainly Trump would prefer next year.

As you might have noticed, those three articles above do not exactly contradict each other, but neither can you fairly say that any of them are really fully descriptive of what happened today.  Moral of the story? …Never single-source it. Read multiple articles, including any local ones that you can find. The only people who benefit from the mushroom treatment are the ones who impose it on others.


Moe Lane

PS: Trump University was a total scam, of course. There’s no real reason for me to pretend otherwise. The question is when the trial that will formally determine that will end up on the docket.

PPS: AG Schneiderman will apparently call Trump as a witness. That should be memorable.


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