How Team Trump reminds me of the antiwar movement.


I mean, sure, there’s all the policy stuff, like Trooferism and conspiracy theories and a disturbing willingness to embrace the ‘Shut Up’ school of debate. And the emotion-based thinking. And the campaign’s nasty willingness to wind up angry and unstable people, then shrug it off when those people cook off later. And the campaign’s callous disregard for the truth. And the stubborn refusal to admit that any of their defeats are legitimate. And… OK, I actually had something else entirely in mind. To wit, Team Trump is a lot like the antiwar movement in one particular way: the campaign oversells its ability to put people in the streets.


Case in point: there was supposed to be a big rally today in Denver to protest the ‘stolen’ delegates there. Here’s some shots of the festivities. And how did that work out for them? Well… look at these Tweets:

I suppose that that kind of turnout looks good to your average dreadlocks-and-organic-laundry-soap professional agitator on the Activist Left (or a member of Team Trump), but where I come from that’s barely a two-hour Facebook-fueled flash demonstration.  A good Tea Party activist could assemble a better crowd in a thunderstorm… and note the above: this was being pushed by the national Trump campaign. Trump himself called for people in Colorado to show up to this thing. And people in Colorado effectively ignored him.


Look, I get that Trump can get good crowds at his rallies. But that’s all that they want to do; go to rallies. And vote, to be fair, although almost never quite to the extent that we’re led to believe from the polls.  But when it comes to actually doing something activist, well… they don’t show up.  Again, a lot like the classic antiwar movement. It’s downright uncanny.

Moe Lane



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