Planned Parenthood decides to help out Ted Cruz.


I would absolutely LOVE to know how the Cruz campaign arranged this: “In the email seeking funds for its political campaign supporting Hillary Clinton, Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood, says “every Republican candidate for president this year would be a complete disaster” but explains “Cruz could very well be the biggest threat we face.”” …Bolding mine.  I mean. Wow. Ted Cruz would have considered paying Planned Parenthood to make such an absolutely useful statement, right before the next wave of primaries – and here’s PP doing it for free.


Best of all? It’s absolutely true.  When it comes to baby-harvesting for profit and the people who do that for a living, yeah, Ted Cruz is adamantly against that sort of thing.  No question at all, really.  And the funny thing is, he’s currently running in races whose voters are disproportionately made up of Americans who are themselves opposed to the idea that it’s OK to render down babies for their organs and then sell them.  You’d think that Planned Parenthood would have waited until after the primaries were over before they started beating the fundraising drum for their own baby-harvesting-friendly cadre.  Because I’ll be shocked if the above bolded text is not going to be part of a Ted Cruz campaign ad very, very soon.

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously, I cannot see why Planned Parenthood decided to come out with this now.  The campaign’s still going on! This would actually help Ted Cruz in both the primary and the general election! …Oh, well, no skin off of my nose if a political enemy does something incredibly stupid in the long run, just for the sake of a short-term gain.  It’s actually almost… nice of them. Completely done by accident, no doubt – but still almost nice.





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