Today's Colorado delegate selection schedule (12 delegates at stake).

Ted Cruz Establishment

The four remaining Colorado Congressional Districts will be picking their delegates today: twelve in total, obviously, with the statewide delegates being picked tomorrow. As of this morning, Ted Cruz has received nine delegates out of nine, and he is widely expected to pick up more today. I am not predicting a sweep, but only because I am superstitious at times. On to the schedule!

  • 8:30 AM MT (10:30 AM ET): Colorado-05 (Colorado Springs). R+15 district. Rep. Doug Lamborn (R). [UPDATE: Three for Ted Cruz.]
  • 10:30 AM MT (12:30 PM ET): Colorado-02 (Boulder). D+8 district. Rep Jared Polis (D). [UPDATE: Three for Ted Cruz.]
  • 12:30 PM MT (2:30 PM ET): Colorado-04 (Eastern half of state). R+12. Rep. Ken Buck (R). [UPDATE: Three for Ted Cruz.]
  • 2:30 PM MT (4:30 PM ET): Colorado-03 (Western half of state). R+4. Rep. Scott Tipton (R). UPDATE: And these three for Ted Cruz makes it a clean sweep.]

Note that the delegate picks are staggered at two hour intervals today, which will either mean that we’ll be getting results in as the day goes on, or else the entire thing will collapse in a heap and it’ll take a while to tangle out.  Also note that we’re seeing a pretty representative run of Colorado, here: urban, rural, liberal, conservative, Republican, and Democrat. This is theoretically a state that should be pretty competitive for all of the candidates still left in the race; it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out in practice.


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