First wave of Colorado GOP delegate results coming in. [UPDATE: Cruz sweeps first day results.]


They’re picking Colorado’s 1st and 6th Congressional District delegates today.  The results for CO-1 are now in: Ted Cruz has gotten all three delegates.  CO-6 will be chosen later.  Note that these are apparently officially bound delegates.  Also note that the remaining CDs will be coming in over the next week.


I will update with CO-6 results as they come in. For those wondering: CO-1 is Denver and CO-6 is Denver’s eastern suburbs, more or less. Strong Democratic and swing Republican, respectively. Seeing the CO-6 results will be interesting.

UPDATE: Ted Cruz has also swept CO-6.  Next up is CO-7 on Thursday, with the remaining CDs on Friday and the statewide delegates on Saturday. Presumably the other two campaigns will have started taking these results seriously before then?


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