Meet Sherri, a single mom and a victim of Trump University.


Could this have been you?

My name is Sherri, and I’m a single mom. Based on the fact that it was Donald Trump, I signed up… I made a huge mistake, trusting him. I paid thirty-five thousand, actually more than thirty five thousand. It was all supposedly supervised by Donald Trump, run by Donald Trump.  All of it was just a fake.  America, do not make the same mistake that I did with Donald Trump.  I got hurt badly, and I’d hate to see this country get hurt by Donald Trump.


This could have been you. You could have been Sherri, a single mom who just wanted to make some money at real estate. And. as this campaign ad from American Future Fund reveals, she got rooked by Trump University.  She feels personally betrayed by it, and well she should: there’s a reason why Trump University got run out of Texas on a rail, long before there was any kind of lawsuit.

So that ad, and a couple more like it, are going to be part of a mutli-million dollar ad campaign by American Future Fund. But if you’re a Trump supporter that is fuming about the allegations in that article, don’t worry: Donald Trump threatened today to push for libel laws that would punish such things. For a start.



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