Bloomberg notes widespread abortion clinic reform.

Planned_ParenthoodAdmittedly, Bloomberg is not couching the pro-life movement’s considerable success in holding abortion clinics to responsible health and safety standards in favorable terms, but the numbers speak for themselves. 162 providers closed since 2011, only 29 opened.


A couple of other notes.  First, from the Bloomberg piece: “Of all the facilities in the nation that closed or stopped performing terminations, about a third were operated by Planned Parenthood; of the ones that opened, three-quarters were.”  Which means that Planned Parenthood is not only probably most materially and financially affected by abortion clinic reform; it’s actively trying to stay in the business of providing abortions.  And if you look at Bloomberg’s map you’ll notice that new clinics don’t seem to be replacing lost ones unless the lost ones were in heavily urbanized areas.  I cannot confirm that the replacement abortion clinics are thus in predominantly minority neighborhoods, but I will happily insinuate that they are.

Second, and more importantly: if you were wondering why Planned Parenthood loves them some Donald Trump, this would be why.  The Republican party is currently largely uniformly hostile to Planned Parenthood, given that they a) perform the largest number of abortions in the United States and b) currently play a complicated shell game to tacitly have the federal government pay for abortions under the guise of “reproductive services.”  The reason why we’ve succeeded at abortion clinic reform so well is because of an united front, from top to bottom.  And all of that goes away if the GOP Presidential nominee is a New York liberal who wants to keep funding the ‘good’ parts of Planned Parenthood.  There are no good parts: there is merely political cover.  Defunding is the only way to truly ensure that your tax money doesn’t go towards subsidizing abortions. That is the beginning and end of the matter.


And I don’t about the rest of you, but if I wanted to follow the lead of Nancy Pelosi, I would have stayed in the Democratic party.

Moe Lane




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