These turnout numbers for Democrats are amazing!


One thing to note about today’s results that probably will get lost in the discussions and counter-discussions and scenarios and dramatic death scenes and whatnot is this: the Democrats have a real turnout problem on their hands these days.  They had an estimated 80,000 person turnout in their Nevada caucus, which is frankly horrible when compared to their 120,000 person turnout in 2008. Meanwhile, over in South Carolina we got about 736,000 or so for our – highly contested, to put it mildly – primary. In 2012 we had about 603,000; in 2008 it was about 446,000.


This is obviously not officially a case where two more states are seeing turnout where the Republicans are leaving the Democrats behind. After all: we haven’t had the race in Nevada yet, and the Democrats haven’t had theirs in South Carolina.  I think that we can safely assume that the Democrats will do poorly in their primary in South Carolina; which means that we will all look with some interest at the Nevada results next Tuesday. If we continue to beat out Democratic turnout in every state that we’re in, well, that’s interesting, yes?

Moe Lane

PS: Guess Harry Reid shouldn’t have been so worried about Republican infiltrators, huh? – Or, maybe there were some, and they helped boost turnout?  That might have happened, right?


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