What *actually* may concern me about tonight's New Hampshire results.


It’s not that Donald Trump is winning in New Hampshire, although that’s vaguely alarming from the point of view of anybody with an appreciation of couth. No, what may end up concerning me is that we’re seeing a slight edge of Democratic voters over Republican ones. Right now the GOP is getting around 49% of the vote totals, the Democrats 51%.  If I crunched the numbers right, the last time we had two competitive primaries in NH (2008) the GOP got 45%, the Democrats 55%. So we’ve obviously improved our vote percentages since then, but I was half-expecting the GOP to get higher turnout than the Democrats.


…I guess that the Democratic party really, really hates Hillary Clinton, too?  Note that I’m not going to guess eventual turnout, because that’s a lot harder to back-of-the-envelope.  Also, they were reporting record turnout – then again, they always do.

Moe Lane


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