Google: People most want to know if Hillary Clinton will be prosecuted.


This is literally the question being asked: Google provided data on the top five questions being asked it of Hillary Clinton and the other candidates during the debate, and the top three of Clinton’s are what some people stubbornly still call sockelgangers.  Here they are (H/T The Hill):

  1. Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted?
  2. Will Hillary Clinton win the nomination?
  3. What did Hillary Clinton do that is illegal?
  4. Where did Hillary Clinton grow up?
  5. Is Hillary Clinton a Democrat?

#1 is, of course, the one that should worry Democrats the most, followed shortly by #3. Both questions indicate that any hopes that Democrats had that Hillary Clinton had put her email server woes behind are, ah, wistful ones; either people haven’t heard of the issue fully yet (#3), or they have, and don’t particularly trust the current government to do anything about her crimes (#1).  But don’t forget #2!  That’s not good news for the Democrats; their entire primary is supposed to revolve around the idea that of course Hillary Clinton will win the nomination.  The thought that the electorate might still have not decided to play along should hopefully give some Democratic strategists some sleepless nights*.  Which they frankly deserve, of course, but never mind that right now.

Anyway, do click through and look at the rest of the Google question trend lines; they’re great fun, particularly if you have a mean sense of humor about Bernie Sanders (#1: “Why is Bernie Sanders so popular?”) and Martin O’Malley (#1: “Why is Martin O’Malley running for President?” and #3: “Is Martin O’Malley still running for President?”). And yes, I’m sure that the Republican question trend lines would provide interesting fodder for a post as well.  A rather larger, more interesting post, of course.  After all, the latest Democratic debate (on NBC) still couldn’t beat the latest Republican one (on Fox Business News) when it came to viewership.


Yes, I know: you’d think that the latest Democratic debate still improving its draw from eight and a half million to ten million viewers would still have made more news.  But then again, it’s not really the Democratic leadership’s long-term plan to get people to watch these debates.  Because, judging from the above trend lines, the viewers start asking highly inconvenient questions that the Democratic party has no real ability to answer…

Moe Lane

*For the record… the answer to #5 is Yes.  Yes, Hillary Clinton is a Democrat.  We plan to mention that fact quite a bit, over the next nine months.



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