Gov. Nikki Haley to give Republican State of the Union Response.

Governor Haley Official PortraitA good choice: Governor Haley is a successful two-term governor of an important Republican primary state and on a bunch of people’s short list for the Vice Presidential nod. It’s also at the same time a bad choice; State of the Union responses have been a rough gig for politicians for the last couple of decades or so. I think that Rep. Amash has a point, here:


So I guess that I’d encourage Gov. Haley to change it up a bit. Heh. Get some people together and have a real town hall.  You could have one heck of a discussion over all the things that Presidents should say during the State of the Union, but never do – and throw in a few pithy comments about how much of a tedious spectacle the whole thing has become, too.

You know, the more I think about it, the less outlandish the entire thing becomes.  One of the primary topics of the upcoming campaign is going to be how we’ve spent the last decade dealing with the Democratic party’s mulish refusal to ever listen to anybody. That, coupled with the essential and basic incompetence of the Executive branch during this administration, has led us right into our current domestic and international messes… and Gov. Haley’s election itself partially represents the American people’s desire to provide some necessary feedback to our self-appointed ‘elites.’  Perhaps she should bring in regular people to provide even more feedback to those ‘elites.’  Goodness knows that they could use it.


Moe Lane

PS: There will be people who might resent any tampering with the portentous, leaden spectacle that is our modern SotU/SotU response political theater.  I find that I do not care if they are resentful. In fact, I am pleased if they are resentful; after all, I’m not pleased with the way that our political class has been falling down on the job lately.  Punishing them by taking away a toy seems highly appropriate.


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