Report: Islamic State now sacrificing Down Syndrome babies.

AP_490305200509I should probably note that it is unconfirmed that Islamic State’s death clerics have issued a ‘fatwa’ decreeing that babies born with Down Syndrome or certain congenital conditions are to be smothered.  This is single-sourced, and as such obviously not verified.  However… let’s be honest. Islamic State cultists routinely burn, behead, shoot, strangle, stone, throw off roofs, and otherwise murder their sacrificial victims. And that’s just the ritual murder.  The rapes and slavery are whole other, and quite vile, issues on their own.


So it would not surprise me that the IS cult has decided that offering up babies to… whatever the literal Hell it is that Islamic State worships… is an acceptable act.  Then again, I have long since come to the conclusion that IS has gone down a very, very dark path. And it is my sincere hope that they have not found something down there, in the blackness…

Via @robindepeyer.

Moe Lane

PS: In not really unrelated news comes this fascinating bit from, all things, the Huffington Post UK:

‘Stop the war, destroy the Daesh genocide and rape machine’ was the ironic slogan held up by Kurds as supporters of the Stop the War Coalition – stoppers for short – made their way into a London restaurant for a fundraising dinner last night. Other placards said airstrikes saved Kobane and liberated Sinjar. They also urged the stoppers not to betray the Kurds and said ‘Thanks to British friends for the airstrikes.’

The protestors were from the Kurdistan National Coalition and the Kurdish Cultural Centre in London. The event was controversial because Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, a founder of the group, was the guest speaker, having rejected pleas from Labour MPs that associating with the group would discredit Labour.


I point this out partially to remind folks that the antiwar Left is made up of horrible, if not at the level of baby-sacrificing, people themselves; and partially to remind folks that we have an entire proto-country of pro-American Muslims out there who would just love to be one of our client states.  Particularly if that status includes sending any number of Islamic State cultists to Final Judgement.


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