Attorney General Loretta Lynch FINALLY reads the US Constitution!

You may remember that earlier this week Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged to prosecute ‘hate speech‘ towards Muslims.  I put that phrase in scare quotes for several reasons; first, because in this country ‘hate speech’ is a political term, not a legal one.  Second, in our current state of political life ‘hate speech’ is a conveniently obscure one.  To give just one example: my suggestion here about what the New York Times could do with its gun-control editorial would almost certainly be classified as hate speech by some of our more unhinged Left-fringe types; and they’d probably love to prosecute people like me for it. They just can’t, because of that pesky First Amendment.


Which Attorney General Lynch apparently just perused, because the scramble-back has begun: “Attorney General Loretta Lynch Monday appeared to recalibrate remarks she made last week that suggested the Justice Department could investigate speech deemed hostile towards Muslims.” …What a marvelously protective term of art ‘recalibrate’ is, in this context.  It sounds so much better than ‘repudiate,’ or ‘obfuscate;’ although ‘apologize for’ would have, of course, been more welcome.  Then again, the odds of AG Lynch ever apologizing for being this ignorant of her job description were always going to be long.

Moving along: according to Politico, AG Lynch now understands that it’s her job to go after people who are actively plotting harm, whether by their own actions or by the deliberate and knowing incitement to violence.  Isn’t that just swell of her, and the other Democrats?!? Do you think that we should give out cookies?  I think that we should totally give out cookies.  I mean, it’s not like there’s centuries of existing jurisprudence and legal precedent in this country that gives even deeply unpleasant people the right to spout off if they’re not planning to do anything about it… well, true, there is.  But you can’t expect the pack of dour, life-hating neo-monarchists that run the Democratic party these days to actually read anything.  Or take seriously the things that they inexplicably do end up reading.


The good news?  Attorney General Loretta Lynch has no more than thirteen months left where her habit of treating perusing the Constitution as something that happens to other people will be relevant to the rest of us.  After that, she can go back to private life and bore everybody in earshot about how magical a time it was when she worked in Washington DC.  Which is horrible to contemplate, but since she’s never going to personally bore me I’m kind of OK with that.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, sure, I’m a horrible person.  But I can read!  So that puts me one up on Attorney General Loretta Lynch, it seems.


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