You'll totally guess why the University of Missouri may throw Melissa Click to the wolves.

I am certain that people are following the entire ongoing meltdown at the University of Missouri, which has been the scene of an extended temper tantrum that has gotten several school officials effectively fired and the rest thoroughly rattled.  You probably also have read on how a photographer was forced away from the protests because, and I am not making this up, the mob wanted to be alone.  You may have even heard about how the campus police department there is now calling on students to be good little Stasi agents and report instances of ‘hurtful speech.’  All in all: it’s been a bad week for American education.

But rejoice! Our long national nightmare may be over: the school’s probably gonna throw one of their own to the wolves.  Isn’t that glorious of them? “Faculty in the Missouri School of Journalism were voting Tuesday to revoke a courtesy appointment for Melissa Click, an assistant professor in MU’s Department of Communication.”

Via @jaketapper. Now, let’s establish something, here: Melissa Click deserves to have her appointment removed. She absolutely, totally does. Her job as a communication professor was to properly educate her students. She did not. In fact, Melissa Click taught them wrong and wicked things, like that speech is only free when you like it, your feelings trump somebody else’s rights, and that the proper response to a person standing on his rights as a free American citizen is to go find a goon squad. Removing her from teaching is a necessary, yet hardly complete, corrective action.

But I’ve noticed that there are a lot of media folks out there with the oddest looks on their faces.  They look… startled.  Surprised. Befuddled.  Both by Ms. Click, and the petulant adult-children whose poor behavior she’s helped enabled.  Some of the media are even wondering how this kind of disrespect from the First Amendment could happen. Well, Media, do you really want to know why she and the kids acted that way?



…They learned it from you.

Moe Lane



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