Hidden water-wasters disturb the comradery of the People's Republic of Bel Air!

water wastersBe ever-vigilant, comrades!  The wreckers and parasites known as ‘water-wasters’ constantly conspire to batten off of the Californian Collective of Concerned People’s precious, limited stockpile of dihydrogen oxide!  Watch your neighbors! Examine their lawns with your collective-issued People’s Revolutionary Garden Hydration Index flash cards! Report any lawn that you find that is too green! PROTECT THE REVOLUTION!

Residents of a posh Los Angeles neighborhood furious after their neighbor used 11.8 million gallons of water while others cut back to preserve the precious resource in the middle of California’s drought.

Authorities have refused to identify the ‘Wet Prince of Bel Air’ , whose home used roughly 90 times the amount for an average household during the year that ended in April.

…If I sound like I’m not particularly sympathetic to people in Bel Air, it’s probably because I am morbidly certain that most of those them voted for a state government that has gone to the wall to protect the natural habitat of a minor species of fish that’s almost extinct in the wild anyway. Which is to say, I’m not particularly sympathetic at all. Apparently, California has extended dry spells (which probably explains why the place wasn’t overpopulated when the Europeans found it). This is still manageable, if you think and plan ahead.  The Democratic party in California seems determined to do neither.

:shrug: Their call. It’s just a shame that good, patriotic Americans (both Republican and Democrat) have to suffer because certain members of the Californian state government feel the need to promote the agenda of what is, in the end, a remarkably puerile and superstition-ridden religious cult. But you don’t need me to tell all of you just how aggravating a fundamentalist Greenie can be…

Moe Lane