Bernie Sanders campaign rendered impotent by #blacklivesmatter fanatics.

See if you can spot the mistake in this tactical response by the Bernie Sanders campaign in dealing with race-baiting professional activists who, to use Hot Air’s phrase, are “successfully performing like a small pack of wolves who have found the weak bison in the herd.” Bernie Sanders was speaking in Seattle, or at least trying to, when this happened:


“We’re shutting this event down — now,” said an activist who suddenly leapt on stage. She approached the microphone where Sanders had just begun speaking, thanking attendees for welcoming him to “one of most progressive cities in the United States of America.” An event organizer attempted to stop the activist, and a heated exchange ensued as the crowd booed.

Eventually, activist Marissa Johnson was allowed to speak.

…yes, the ‘allowed to speak’ part. It should have been ‘escorted from the platform,’ or even ‘arrested.’ On the other hand, I should hesitate to call the aforementioned tactical response a ‘mistake,’ if only because that implies that an alternative tactic was practically viable. On the gripping hand, I can’t make myself get too teary-eyed over a socialist suddenly discovering what happens when you take identity politics to its logical, and honestly rather fetid, conclusion.

As to what the Democratic party can do about this particular problem of theirs? Well, I’d say ‘suffer’ – except that their party bosses aren’t going to tolerate that, more’s the pity. I assume (yes, I know what happens when you assume) that they’ll figure out eventually how to redirect the malignant wind-up toy that is #blacklivesmatter and aim it at us. Which won’t win the Democrats the election, but might keep them from hemorrhaging too many African-American voters.  The political dynamic changes when you’re in a rebuilding cycle, after all; and if the Democratic party leadership hasn’t figured out by now* that they’re going to have to drop back ten yards and punt, then they deserve the electoral spanking that’s coming their way.


OK, yes, they deserve it anyway.  Still, you get what I mean.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: And he’s STILL a better candidate for the Democrats than Hillary Clinton would be! I should invest in whatever company makes Maalox. The DNC is gonna be chugging it by the end of next July…

*Fortunately, if they haven’t figured it all out by now they’re probably impervious to whatever revelations I might be offering them. So I can safely talk about it.  There are advantages in this business to being mildly obscure…


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