Attention, ALL 2016 Presidential campaigns. Please film ALL your candidate's 'private' appearances.

Because Jeb Bush has precisely the right idea, here.

[Jeb] Bush’s team has been quietly taping his private appearances in hopes of pushing back on false narratives dished by donors to reporters and to have a record to disprove any misinformation wafting from closed-door events.

“We want to have a full record of his comments,” said Tim Miller, a senior adviser to Bush’s Right to Rise PAC and the expected communications director for his expected presidential campaign. “Full information awareness.”

As the article notes, the idea here is to cut down on the number of incidents in 2016 where the media gets to spin an event without fear of contradiction. As the article also notes, the other idea here is to train the candidate into never treating an event as being off the record.  That charming conceit is as dead as leaded gasoline.  The sooner we all accept that, the happier we’re all going to be.

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I assume everyone understands that the Clinton campaign is too institutionally cowardly to set up something similar, right? – And that will cost them, at some point.  I say that, serene in the knowledge that they won’t listen to me.