Democrats still confused as to why the South has given up on them.

I can tell you the Democrats’ problem with running candidates in the South (and everywhere else that isn’t the Pacific Coast and/or the Northeast) without trying hard, and it’s nothing that’s in this Politico article:


[Former Tennessee governor Phil] Bredesen said Democrats who are thinking about running for office need to adopt what he calls “the Walmart test.”

“When you think about what your platform is going to be, go to the nearest Walmart and stop someone in the aisle and tell them what you’re going to run on,” he said. “If that engages them and they’re interested, then you have a plan.”

…and then the aforementioned bicoastal ‘elites’ that actually run the Democratic party will scream, browbeat, fold, spindle, and mutilate the poor so-and-so because he dared go into a Wal-Mart because it’s a non-union shop that encourages non-bicoastal-Americans to think that they deserve to have stuff, too.  And that’s the problem. It’s not demographics, and it’s certainly not gerrymandering, and shoot, it’s not even Barack Obama. It’s that the people who run the Democratic party [expletive deleted] hate the South.


And Southerners have noticed.  It really does astound me that the national Democratic apparatus apparently thought that they could defecate on an entire section of the country for fifty years and still get that section to vote for them at the end of it.  What did they think Southerners are, hard Left progressives or something? Folks below the Mason-Dixon line have basic self-respect and dignity, is what I’m saying. Try to heap scorn on their heads, and they’ll vote with their feet.

My Republican colleagues: note that, by the way. We shouldn’t take that vote for granted. Look what happened to the Democrats, when they did…

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines)

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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