Why Hunter Biden will get away with being thrown out of the Navy for cocaine use.

The more I read about Hunter Biden (VP Joe Biden’s son) cocaine-fueled discharge from the Navy, the more it stinks on ice:

…it is worth noting that, while Biden’s summary discharge occurred last February, it did not become public until the Wall Street Journal revealed the story this week. Biden’s statement about “the honor of my life to serve in the U.S. Navy” — for one month! — was issued through his lawyer.

Evidently there was an effort, successful for eight months, to conceal this curious episode. But while the attempted cover-up is, perhaps, understandable from Vice President Biden’s perspective, the real scandal here is not Hunter Biden’s cocaine use, or his father’s protection of an errant son, but the fact that Hunter Biden was commissioned in the naval reserve in the first place.


Well, it’s a scandal but not a surprise: Vice Presidents, believe it or not, actually have a lot of pull. Even Joe Biden.  Enough to get an unqualified and overaged son a commission, at least; and enough to delay a cocaine scandal.

It’s the second part of that that really bugs me, honestly.  We have been finding military sinecures for political scions for a long, long time: long enough to know how to go about the process with an eye to minimizing the damage.  And sometimes it even works out: the scion turns out to make a decent enough soldier.  And sometimes the scion is a purblind fool* who can’t keep the cocaine spoon out of his nose, or however it is that those people do their drugs.  Hunter Biden will, in the end, get away with it – he’s not even up for a review of his law license, because the law doesn’t require one and nobody in Connecticut is stupid enough to initiate proceedings against the Vice President’s son – but we should count our blessings. Biden, after all, might have gotten lucky and managed to avoid a drug test long enough to get the career-enhancing status of ‘military veteran.’


God in His Heaven, but do I loathe political dynasties**.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*The US Navy runs random, unannounced drug tests for exactly this reason.  Biden has no kick coming.

**Yes, I’m aware of the potential looming irony.  At least this generation of  Bushes actually still know how to run things.


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