RedState Interview: Rick Wilson and I discuss the Democrats' Cruel Emails of Fear.

So, you’ve probably heard by now of the infamous, frothing, subtly alarming extremist emails that the Democrats have been sending out* trying to troll for cash.  In between bouts of being disquieted and amused, I asked myself: Why are they doing it? Clearly there’s a reason. So I reached out to a buddy of mine on Twitter – Rick Wilson, who does actual** campaign work – to get some insider insight.  Here’s our conversation:



Executive summary: the Democrats are doing this to raise money; they’re deliberately preying on the most vulnerable and easily-frightened of their own coalition; this will do nothing to raise turnout***; and there’s really nothing that we can do in response except reassure ourselves that our revulsion and pity towards the Democrats’ victims means that we haven’t abandoned our own humanity and decency, as well.  …That last part is kind of an extrapolation, I’ll admit.  Still, it’s pretty apt, no?

My thanks to Rick for coming on and talking with me on this, of course.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


**I sit in a room and make amusing rhetorical bombs, which I then try to hand out to as many people as I can find.  This is necessary work that meshes well with my skill set, but let’s not pretend that I am a hardened political street monster.


***This is an important point.  The money that the Democrats raise will go towards races that the Democrats hope to win, or at least not lose badly; but in terms of direct influence both Rick and I think these tactics are not going to motivate Democratic voters to go to the polls on Election Day.  It’s all about getting the last drop of blood out of the turnip. And thank God that this tactic won’t boost turnout; otherwise, the GOP might be tempted to follow suit.


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