RNC convention pick bearing fruit: LeBron James to return to Cleveland.

Hey, if the President can take credit for Osama bin Laden, then Reince Priebus and the RNC can take credit for bringing LeBron back to Cleveland.  I don’t make the rules, after all.  I just use them to be a royal pain in the sit-upon.


Four years after he bolted from Cleveland to Miami in pursuit of the N.B.A. championships that had eluded him, LeBron James is returning home.

At age 29 and with two N.B.A. titles now in his possession, James decided Friday to rejoin the Cavaliers, for whom he played in the first seven seasons of his storied professional career.

Mind you, I am so totally out of my comfort zone when it comes to reporting about basketball.  Honestly, I mostly wrote this to see if I can make people do spit-takes of their coffee.  I’m somewhat awful that way, sorry.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Unlike the Federalist, I really don’t have any shame.  Come on.  you KNEW this.


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