White House bringing in "*Top* Men" to 'fix' #Obamacare exchanges.

A couple of things about this report:

The Obama administration Sunday said it’s called on “the best and brightest” tech experts from both government and the private sector to help fix the troubled website at the root of the Obamacare enrollment problems.

The unusual Sunday 600-word blog post from HHS was the first update in more than a week on the many failings of an expensive website that HHS itself described as “frustrating for many Americans.” But it didn’t specify who the administration had called in, or when the American people would see clear-cut results on Healthcare.gov.


One, the original version of this Politico article was a good deal more specific about the remarkably anonymous nature of these experts:

Officials would not specify who the outside experts are, what companies or government sectors they are drawn from, or precisely what their role is in addressing the array of problems that has made enrollment in Obamacare impossible for millions of people who have tried. Nor did they predict when the consumer experience would be significantly smoother.

I suspect that somebody over at Politico saw that original paragraph, and freaked out about how accurate it was.

Second, it’s like nobody in the administration has never watched Raiders of the Lost Freaking Ark:


“We have top men working on it right now.”


Top. Men.”

…Why is it that we cannot be told who is supposedly swooping in to save the day? Surely the administration understands that they have a credibility problem, here: the last time we trusted them on health care, we got the Obamacare exchanges.


Moe Lane (crosspost)


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