Colorado Recall Open Thread.

[BIG UPDATE] Soon to be FORMER Colorado Senate President John Morse has conceded. State Senator Angela Giron is currently behind, but the race is far too early to call. If she is recalled, the Colorado Senate flips control back to the Republican party [sorry, no: the Democrats will still retain a one-seat majority. My bad] IF. It is, again, too early too call.


[FURTHER BIG UPDATE] The word is that Giron will not be able to make up the difference at this point.


This is a much more interesting topic than… whatever the heck that Obama Syria speech was about, anyway.  So far: nice unofficial early voting results for Morse…


…and that’s all I have available right now. Am looking for links.

[UPDATE]: Here’s the AP. Morse is definitely behind 52/48, but the race isn’t over yet.

[ANOTHER UPDATE] Sorry, guys, but they’re being reallllllly slloooooow in counting the ballots in Colorado.


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